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The next shoot is the 2nd Leg of the non-handicapped Side By Side Cup on Sunday, October 29.
For members not shooting for this Cup, it’s a 50 Bird Practice Round.
RAF Odiham not only recovered their 12 bird deficit from Round 1, but  also
added another 50 to win by an overall margin of 62 over the 2 Rounds.
Fri, Oct 13: The full results, shooter by shooter, has been posted on this website today.
Please note that only NINE Camberley Members turned out for this 2nd Leg !!!
The July/December Handicaps List has now been published and
a new version of the Results Spreadsheet has been completed.
So, the results of the handicapped Alan Brown Trophy and the handicapped Panelcraft Trophy
can now be calculated and, hopefully, will soon be published.
The John Gregory 2 Man Flurry will now be held on November 12.
This year, the winners will each receive a bottle of wine!


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They look quite pleased with themselves

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Welcome to the Camberley Clay Club, established in 1979.

Being a club, only members and their guests can attend the shoots. However, if you’re interested in joining the club and you don’t know a member, you should contact one of the committee (see the Who’s Who page) who can arrange for you to attend a shoot as their guest.

Apart from a Summer Break, we meet fortnightly on Sunday mornings with shooting starting at 9:30am and finishing at 12am. The club house is open from around 8:30am for coffee, tea and hot food.

Most events (other than the Down the Line and Two Man Flurry shoots) are 50-bird English Sporting competitions (2016 has two 60-bird shoots), usually consisting of six stands. Every shoot is individually planned and set up by a dedicated band of volunteer members. You never know what to expect; you may find some stands really tough going whilst on other stands you leave puzzled as to how you missed that one ’easy’ crosser!

Half of the events are handicapped competitions, where every member (whose handicap - see the Handicaps page - is recalculated bi-annually) stands a good chance of winning if he or she manages a higher score than usual.

Spread throughout the club’s shooting year (which starts in January) is the CCC Knockout Cup competition.  The first round has every member competing against another, the winner then moving on to the second round, and so on.  The sixth round (usually taking place in October) is the final round where the two top guns compete for first and second places and the two runners-up for third and fourth places.

Some of the competitions are restricted (eg, the two Ladies Cups, the Veterans Trophy and the Side by Side Cup), with non-competing members shooting these either as practice shoots or as one of the Knockout Cup rounds.

We are ‘twinned’ with the RAF Odiham Clay Pigeon Club (see their website here). They visit us in the Spring and the shoot scores of the top ten shooters of each club are recorded.  When we visit them in the Autumn the same thing happens and the two totals are added together to see which club wins. Sometimes it’s close, sometimes it’s not!

If you have a look at last year’s 2015 Results page, you’ll see the results of all the competitions shot in a year.

Only biodegradable fibre wad cartridges are allowed. Both 12 gauge and 20 gauge cartridges are available to purchase - providing you have a valid shotgun certificate, of course.

The club is affiliated to the CPSA (Clay Pigeon Shooting Association), has an excellent safety record and carries full insurance.

CCC Badge

Martin trying to keep his neck warm

Trap Filling

Come on, get that auto filled up

Christmas shoot02

Martin and Kevin at the
Fur n’ Feathers Shoot