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The next shoot (and the first of 2019!) is the handicapped Fred Brown Shield on Sunday, January 6.
It’s also the 1st Round of the CCC Knockout Cup.
The 2019 Fixtures List is now on the website, with the first shoot being on January 6.
Please note that there are a number of NEW shoots, namely:
July 7 - Colts Cup
September 1 - CCC 40th Anniversary Shoot and a One-Man Flurry
October 27 - 25-Bird Compact Sporting (5 stands of 1 single, 1 pair and 1 simultaneuous pair)
two shoots (26 May: Alan Brown Trophy and 24 November: PJT Cup) will have 60 Birds.



2019 Fixtures

6 Jan

Fred Brown Shield (H)
& CCC Knockout Cup 1st Round (NH)

20 Jan

Sweat & Grunters Trophy (H)

3 Feb

Sheelagh Hartman Cup 1st Leg (NH)

17 Feb

Bald Eagle Veterans Trophy (NH)

3 Mar

Annual General Meeting (before shoot)
John Bickle Memorial Cup (H)
& CCC Knockout Cup 2nd Round (NH)

17 Mar

Sheelagh Hartman Cup 2nd Leg (NH)
& Odiham 'HOME' Shoot

31 Mar

Damales Cup (H)
& Squad (3 minimum and 5 maximum) Cup (H)

14 Apr

Stan Horne Memorial Cup (NH)

28 Apr

Kings Arms Trophy (H)
& CCC Knockout Cup 3rd Round (NH)

12 May

Small Bore Cup (NH)
(50-bird Practice Round for 12 gauges)

26 May

60-BIRD Alan Brown Trophy (H)

9 Jun

(Competition to be decided)
CCC Knockout Cup 4th Round (NH)
& 10-bird Charity Pool Shoot Trophy (NH)
   Charity: The Brain Tumour Charity

23 Jun

Side By Side Cup (NH)
(50-bird Practice Round for Over/Unders)

7 Jul

White Hart Trophy (H)
& NEW Colts Cup (NH)


2019 Fixtures


Summer Break

18 Aug

Panelcraft Trophy (H)

1 Sep

NEW CCC 40th Anniversary Shoot
NEW One-Man Flurry
(Details of these two new shoots to be decided)

15 Sep

Golden Jubilee Cup (H)
& Knockout Cup Semi-final (NH)

29 Sep

25-bird Down The Line Competition (NH)
& 50-Bird Practice Shoot

6 Oct

Odiham 'AWAY' Shoot

13 Oct

John Jacques Memorial Cup (NH)
& CCC Knockout Cup Final (NH)

27 Oct

NEW 25-BIRD Compact Sporting (5 stands of 1 single, 1 pair and 1 simultaneous pair)
& 50-bird Practice Shoot

10 Nov

John Gregory 2 Man 30-bird Flurry Trophy (NH)
(The winners will each receive a bottle of wine!)
& 50-bird Practice Shoot

24 Nov

60-BIRD PJT Cup (H)

8 Dec

Fur n’ Feathers Christmas Shoot (NH)
(Bring a present, get a present)


2019 Annual Awards


Shogun Trophy


Ladies Fortuna Vase


Blunderbuss Trophy

         All shoots take place on Sundays, between 9:30am and 12.00am. The clubhouse is open from 8.30am for coffees and teas.

         Please note that the Club is for Members and their guests only. If you’re not a member or a member’s guest but would like
         to attend a shoot, please contact a committee member (see the Who’s Who page for details), giving at least a few days notice.
         Results of each shoot are recorded below. Either scroll down the page or, to go directly to a particular shoot’s results, left click
         on the shoot’s date in the Fixtures List above.