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The next shoot, the handicapped Kings Arms Trophy, is on Sunday, November 8.
lt is also the exciting 30-Bird John Gregory 2-MAN 30-bird Flurry Trophy
(£4 for members, £2 for colts and £5 for guests).
If you don’t feel well, don’t come!
An excellent total of £174.20 was taken
(an odd amount caused by a number of generous members overpaying ...).
The club has rounded this up to £200 and a cheque has been sent off to The Brain Tumour Charity
(nominated by Charles McGeoch, last year’s Charity Pool Shoot winner).
This year’s winner (Roy Trafford) will be asked to nominate the charity for next year’s shoot.



Darren Jackson

Darren Jackson, Club Chairman
Darren was elected Chairman at the 2016 AGM. Darren is also the Club Safety Officer (and is a CPSA qualified safety officer) and a member of the Grounds Team.
Darren can be emailed here:

Stuart Harris (web picture)02

Stuart Harris, Club Secretary
Stuart was appointed Club Secretary in 2015 at the AGM, taking over from Martin Brooks who had held the post for the previous 5 years. Talk to Stuart if you’ve any concerns in regards to the Club Rules and Bye-Laws, also if you want a proposal raised at the next AGM. Stuart is also a member of the Grounds Team.
Stuart can be emailed here:

Paul Turner (Club Treasurer)

Paul Turner, Club Treasurer (and Website Maintainer)
Paul is responsible for maintaining all financial records of the Club. All monies in (round fees, membership subscriptions, etc.) and supplier payment requests are to be made to Barbara Brooks, the Club Range Officer, on shoot mornings.
As well as being Treasurer, Paul developed and maintains the club’s website.
Paul can be emailed here:

Trevor Saunders (web picture)

Trevor Saunders, Club Competition Secretary
Taking over this role in September 2017, Trevor is currently responsible for any items regarding member handicaps, trophies, etc.
Trevor is also the Club Supplies Officer, a member of the Grounds Team and a CPSA qualified safety officer.
Trevor can be emailed here:

Stephen Bowers

Stephen Bowers, Club Membership Secretary
Stephen was appointed Membership Secretary at the committee meeting held on November 17, 2017. He is a qualified CPSA safety officer and a Grounds Team member.
Stephen is also a CPSA English Sporting Referee and an APSI trained shooting instructor.
When an Application Form has been completed, the member nominating the new member should hand the form to a committee member. The application will then be considered at the next meeting of the Executive Committee.
Stephen can be emailed here:

Darren Jackson

Darren Jackson, Club Safety Officer
As from the 2013 AGM, Darren is responsible for all matters relating to Safety issues and is a CPSA qualified safety officer.
can be emailed here:

Trevor Saunders (web picture)03

Trevor Saunders, Club Supplies Officer
Taking over this role in September 2017, Trevor is currently responsible for all the reordering and delivery of clays, cartridges, etc.
Trevor is also the Club Competitions Secretary, a member of the Grounds Team and a CPSA qualified safety officer.

Trevor can be emailed here:

Barbara Brooks (Club Range Officer)

Barbara Brooks, Club Range Officer
Barbara is the person everyone at the Club knows, booking you in on a Sunday morning and handling any queries that you might have.
Barbara can be emailed here:

Jim O'Dwyer

Jim O’Dwyer, First Aid Officer
Jim was voted onto the Committee at the 2017 AGM. He’s also a Grounds Team member.
Anyone with a minor injury whilst out on the shooting ground should go to the club house where there is a comprehensive first aid box.  If anyone sustains an injury or has a medical condition that looks serious, the squad should continuously blow a whistle (which are in the red bags attached to all stands). PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE ARE INSTRUCTIONS ON WHAT TO DO IN AN EMERGENCY ON THE BACK OF ALL SCORE CARDS.
Jim can be emailed here:




Darren Jackson


Stuart Harris


Trevor Saunders


Jim O’Dwyer


Stephen Bowers


Martin Palmer


The above club members have agreed to be “on call” for setting up and clearing away. On average, four or five grounds members do this work at any one shoot.
If you would like to be “on call” mention your interest to Barbara.
Please note: Members who set up and clear away do not pay shoot fees!




Darren Jackson (Head Safety Officer)


Stephen Bowers


Martin Palmer


Clyde Sorrell


Trevor Saunders


All the above hold the CPSA Safety Officer certificate.




Paul Turner


If you spot anything wrong on this website or if you have any suggestions as to content, please contact Paul at:

Tony (2-man flurry 2007)

I’ll press the button with my knee, that’ll fool them

Member (2-man flurry 2007)

If I miss this, I’ll eat my nice new hat

Member (Hats 2008)

... and, speaking of hats!

Mo Day with smoking barrels

smoking ...